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GMG ProofPaper Matte 140

GMG ProofPaper Matte 140

Innovative media for high-end contract proofs

Optimum quality hardcopy inkjet proofs are only possible when all system components – software, printer, inks and media – interact smoothly and are well integrated. The printing substrate is essential in this context since it is largely responsible for the color space size and repeatability of proofs – very important for production reliability.

The surface properties of the innovative proofing media from GMG are optimized for inkjet printers. This supports optimum utilization of the printer's color space and is particularly noticeable when reproducing spot colors.

GMG offers printing substrates with optimally coordinated profiles for all proofing requirements: semimatte, matte and gloss papers for offset, gravure and photographic applications; special paper for newspaper applications, and transparent film for flexographic, label printing and packaging applications.

Target Groups

  • Agencies and photographers
  • Repro houses and prepress businesses
  • Printers and publishers
  • All users of GMG proofing software

Advantages of the GMG proof media

  • All substrates are specified, manufactured and controlled to the highest quality requirements of contract proofing. GMG guarantees high proof-to-proof, roll-to-roll and batch-to-batch repeatability.
  • GMG proof substrates offer high paper tint accuracy, excellent drying and high ink limit capabilities.
  • GMG performs extensive tests to optimally coordinate printer calibrations with the respective printing substrate, inks and output devices, allowing remote proofing within printer families.
  • Support of, and conformity to, all common standards, including ISO Offset, ISO Newspaper, PSR Gravure (ECI), GRACoL/SWOP, 3DAP, etc.
  • Wide range of roll and sheet stock sizes to maximize fit and minimize waste.
  • Minimal curling using 3" roll cores.






Printing substrate: Paper

Grammage: 140 g/m²

Thickness: 175 μm

Surface: Matte

Available sheet formats: A2, A3+

Available roll formats: 13", 17", 24", 36", 42", 44" (3" core)

Range of application: Offset, gravure and packaging printing simulation; art work reproduction, simulation of uncoated papers 


Special features:

  • GMG backlabel
  • Large color space
  • High ink limit
  • Sharper inkjet droplets
  • Few optical brighteners
  • No blotchy buildups
  • No matting
  • Dries quickly
  • Can be cold or hot-laminated
  • Paper tint accuracy Δ E < 1





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