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Serendipity Blackmagic version 8
A family of digital proofing systems that virtually eliminate film production for proofing purposes, making high quality proofing for CTP systems possible. Serendipity Blackmagic makes proofs from ripped files. Place Blackmagic on your network and instantly create contract quality proofs from any RIP on any printer with no changes to your workflow.

Serendipity Blackmagic version 8 includes completely new features as well as improvements on old features. The features which created the most excitement at recent trade shows are described below. Click on the feature thumbnail images to see a full resolution JPEG screen capture related to that feature.

Software Versions:

Serendipity Blackmagic PRO
Combines all the features of the Lite and Bureau versions into one product.

Serendipity Blackmagic BureauPostscript Level 3 RIP that supports both composite and separated files with unlimited spot colours. Apply colour replacement and generate Digital Blue Line proofs from separated PS files. Can act as the receiving end in Serendipity Blackmagic remote configurations.
Serendipity Blackmagic LiteMake contract quality proofs from hi-res bitmap data. Most imagesetter and platesetter rips supported. Use the "Real Dot Technology" feature to output proofs with the original halftone screen.
Serendipity Blackmagic 4UPSame as the Lite version with the exception of output size being limited to 24x28
Serendipity Blackmagic 2UPSame as the Lite version with the exception of output size being limited to 13x19
Easy to Use
The new Serendipity Blackmagic interface is designed for easy andintuitive use. You can submit and control your jobs with a minimumof clicks. Customising the interface to your requirements is quickand straightforward and will let you check job status at a glance.Monitor and manage your jobs through each stage of the processfrom submission to final output. Hold, modify, preview and releaseas desired.
Intermediate File FormatJob processing has been split into spooling, imaging, rendering andprinting. This means that the job can be printed again with differentoutput qualities such as colour management, sizing, orientationand various effects. There is no need to waste time spooling andimaging again.
Direct Drive of Output DevicesSerendipity are leading developers for Epson, HP, Roland and Canonand as such can directly drive most inkjet devices. SerendipityBlackmagic has the ability to drive multiple proofers simultaneouslyfrom the same or different manufacturers. You can also swap jobsbetween them or pool to the next available device.
Real Dot Technology (RDT)Real Dot Technology was pioneered by Serendipity. RDT ensuresthat the dot structure on a proof is preserved from its 1 bitscreened RIP data. The same screen ruling and angles are shownon the proof and the press.
Distributed ProcessingSerendipity Blackmagic has the ability to share the jobs betweenmultiple computers. Machines are rated in their performance withthe fastest machine having priority. Jobs are passed to slavesfrom the master for processing, completed and passed back. In ademanding prepress environment significant time savings can beachieved with a clustering solution.
Easy CalibrationSerendipity Blackmagic is easy to calibrate and easy to maintain.By creating a Paper Profile you can match ink and paper typesmuch more closely than previously possible. Linearising the printerusing a connected densitometer places the output device intoa known state and then applying ICC profiles achieves accuratecolour matching. If the printer drifts then you simply need torelinearise and you are back in calibration.
Soft ProofThis is a new high resolution soft proofing utility that shows allassociated plates of a job at the full imaged resolution. The platescan be turned on, off or swapped for other colours. For examplea Blue Line soft proof can be done on screen showing traps andbleeds saving time and money. Colour percentage values of the jobare shown for each channel.
Virtual PressWith the Virtual Press you can change or drop plates from a job asneeded. Plates can be edited or combined, such as adding a knifeplate, to form a single job.
Special ColoursSerendipity Blackmagic supports unlimited special colours. A colourlibrary can be created by importing palettes from most desktopapplications or input directly using a spectrophotometer. Jobs withspecial plates will be automatically matched ready for processing.Colours can be set to knockout, overprint, primer or opaque.
Colour KeysThe packaging industry often needs to see how colours lay on topof each other. This is easy with the Colour Key feature. You canbuild combinations of plates where combined and separated canbe proofed from a single job submission. And Colour Keys is theperfect tool for producing progressive proofs.
Nesting (Scatter Proofing)Any job that gets processed can be held for nesting. In this waymultiple jobs will be grouped efficiently into a single job. This helpsreduce material wastage and saves time.
Archive UtilityThe system configurations can be archived as needed. Additionallyyou can set the system to automatically backup the settingsperiodically so that you always have a working copy of a calibratedsystem on hand.
Remote ProofingJobs processed locally can be sent to a remote SerendipityBlackmagic. This enables matching of main site and remote siteoutput. And you can simply drive the remote site from the main siteinterface. If you have any issues to discuss with operators at otherSerendipity Blackmagic sites you can communicate via the newchat function.





Choose Version Web Price
Bureau  $4,004.35
2UP  $4,004.35
4UP  $7,927.10
Lite  $10,542.55
Pro  $13,158.00
Add Web Price
Cluster/Slave  $1,715.30
Add Training Web Price
Day of on-site training  $2,000.00
8 Hours WebEx training  $2,000.00
4 Hours WebEx training  $1,000.00
2 Hours WebEx training  $500.00