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SpotOn! Verify

SpotOn! Verify

SpotOn! Verify is a powerful tool that helps you clearly define performance and control your print process. The Visual Match Scorecard shows you how visually consistent devices are, and the software provides tracking and trending data to help you print consistently over time. The process is simple, the software is flexible, and we can help you integrate it smoothly.


1) Print and measure a simple test chart

Using verify 01


2) Evaluate equipment performance

Using verify 02


3) Take action to keep color under control

Using verify 03


4) Track and trend data, eliminate surprises


Using verify 04




Verify is a flexible software tool that allows you to customize a process control workflow to meet your needs. The specialists at SpotOn! HQ are ready to help you make the most of your investment. 

  • Easy to Use: Simple graphics, basic metrics, and obvious color cues let you know how your devices are performing.
  • Visual Match Scorecard: Get a single score for evaluating device performance. Visual Match Scorecard sees color like we do, not just a pass/fail that can often be misleading.
  • Pass/Fail Verification: When pass/fail is required SpotOn! provides a visual warning when a print is approaching the tolerance limits.
  • Standard and Custom Tolerances, References, and Control Strips: Use industry standards or customize references, control strips, and tolerances to fit your needs.
  • G7 Metrics: Monitor compliance by using built-in G7 metrics and tolerances to evaluate G7 performance.
  • Measurement and Trend Reports: The measurement reports show more detail about each metric being evaluated in the measurements. The device report shows variation of each device being tracked over a period of time.
  • Client/Server Architecture: Share data, track devices, and maximize efficiency no matter where you are.



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Additional Client  $895.00
Alwan Print Standardizer Export Option  $195.00