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LOE Gloss 270 GSM

LOE Gloss 270 GSM


Ink jet proof and full image prototype on the press paper, board or film.

It’s been proven that ink jet technology can simulate press color. Unfortunately, ink jet papers are mostly shiny, limp, translucent and just do not feel or look like real production. They are mostly plastic, look like plastic and feel like plastic.

Paper and paper board are complex materials carefully manufactured from trees. They have strength, texture, foldability, compressibility, scorability. They come in many shades of white, many textures, many weights, many calipers, and many finishes. These characteristics are not well simulated unless you use the exact paper that will be used in the final product. An accurate proof is printed on the job stock.

Packaging prototypes are mostly white boxes. Now you can print your images on the actual carton stock then fold them, emboss them or apply any post press operation for a realistic prototype.  Proofing and Prototyping Technologies makes it possible with this line of coated press room papers.

Products include:

• heavy weight board grades for packaging
• commercial grades that meet SWOP and GRACoL guidelines
• flexible packaging film
• environmentally friendly papers

Proofing on the job stock is the only way to beat the optical brightener dilemma facing the graphic arts community today.


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